Professional photographer search engine optimization and seo guide

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Chapter 1: Why this Guide?
   What This Guide Is and Is Not
   SEO is Achievable with the Right Guidance
   What Do I Need to Know to Perform SEO On My Own?
   Why a Guide Specifically for Professional Photographers?
   How Do You Know These Techniques Work?
   I Need a Roadmap!
   SEO Roadmap

Chapter 2: What is Search Engine Optimization?
   How do Search Engines Rank Sites?
   When Will I See My Ranking Increase?
   Natural Search versus Paid Search
   How Does SEO Create a Business Advantage?
   White Hat versus Black Hat
      White Hat SEO Techniques
      Black Hat SEO Techniques

Chapter 3: Search Engines Speak HTML
   What Does a Search Engine See?
   What about Flash?

Chapter 4: Tracking the Success of Your SEO
   Start with a Baseline

Chapter 5: How to Implement SEO Changes
   Big Bang or Incremental?
      Big Bang Approach
      Incremental Approach
   Study Your Competition

Chapter 6: Targeted Keywords
   Choose Your Targeted Keywords Wisely
      Targeted Keywords That Are Too Broad
      Targeted Keywords That Are Too Specific
   Effective Targeted Keywords
   How to Use Your Targeted Keywords

Chapter 7: How to Write Content Both Customers and Search Engines Will Enjoy Reading
   Write for Your Customers, not for Search Engines

Chapter 8: HTML Optimization Techniques
   Technique 1: Write quality page titles
      Bad Page Title Examples
      Good Page Title Examples
   Technique 2: Use Meta Description Tag on Every Page
   Technique 3: Avoid Excessive In-Line CSS and Javascript
   Technique 4: Make URLs Meaningful
   Technique 5: Use ALT Attributes in All IMG Tags
   Technique 6: Make your Image File Names Meaningful
   Technique 7: Use TITLE Attribute in All Anchor Tags

Chapter 9: Submit Your Site
   How to Create a Sitemap File
      Web-Based Sitemap Generator
      Mac OS X Sitemap Generator
      Windows Sitemap Generator
   Upload Sitemap File to Your Web Server
   Notify Search Engines About Your Sitemap

Chapter 10: SEO for Flash Web Sites

Chapter 11: Other Ways to Increase Your Search Engine Rankings
   The Importance of Incoming Links
      Quality Matters
      Link Text Matters
      Ways to Generate Meaningful Links to Your Web Site
   Start a Blog
      Blog Software
      Blog Post Ideas
      Continuous Blog Posting, or Making it Appear You Never Leave
      Blog SEO

Chapter 12: Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

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