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Why Your Photography Website Isn’t Ranking Highly in Search Engine Results - Introduction

August 25, 2008

So you spent a ton of time and money building the website for your professional photography business. And months later no one is finding it except those people you handed a business card to. Gone are the days where just building a website got you something. Today the website must be constructed correctly and there must be at least a small amount of intentional online promotion in order to get the major search engines to not just pick up the fact that you have a web site, but to go further by ranking it high enough to get noticed by people who would actually be potential customers of yours.

This post is an introduction to the reasons why your site may not ranking highly against the competition in search engines. Awareness is the first necessary action towards solving a problem. If you are aware of why search engines may not be ranking your site as highly as you would like (or high enough for potential customers to become aware of your photography business), then you can react appropriately.

Future posts in this series will cover specific reasons your photography web site is not ranking as highly as it could in search engine results compared to your competition.

The downloadable PDF guide, Effective SEO for Professional Photographers, contains specific techniques for both on-site optimization and online promotion to make the websites of professional photographers rank highly in search engine results. The SEO Guide is published by search engine optimization (SEO) experts Web Aware Media.


SEO Guide for Professional Photographers Ready for Ordering

August 12, 2008

After many months of work, the first edition of our guide, Effective SEO for Professional Photographers, has been published. This guide is a PDF eBook that covers all aspects of making your web site ranking highly in search engine results. It covers both on-site and off-site SEO techniques. Everything is focused on the professional photographer - examples are tailored to photographers making this guide useful from the first day.

For a very limited time, we are offering Effective SEO for Professional Photographers for over 50% off - $147. Starting August 18, 2008, the price will go up to the standard retail price of $299. We are offering Effective SEO for Professional Photographers for an introductory offer of $95!

The ordering process is super simple - once you order the guide it is available immediately for download. You can log into our web site (choose the “Existing Customers” link) at any time after purchasing the guide to download the latest version.

Payment couldn’t be easier. We accept payments through PayPal, so you can transfer money from your PayPal account or pay using a credit card or debit card through PayPal.

Beyond just the guide itself, your purchase also gets you:

Updates for 1 year. The world of SEO is always changing as search engines refine how they rank sites against one another, so our SEO Guide changes along with the latest techniques as they become available. We plan roughly 4 updates per year (about 1 every 3 months). As soon as an update is available, you will be notified by email and can log in to our website to download the new version. After your year of updates is over, you may purchase additional updates for a significant discount.

Free Expert SEO Advice. Have a question about a specific aspect of search engine optimization after reading our SEO Guide? Through our web site, you can submit questions which our SEO experts will answer quickly and throughly. You can ask unlimited questions while your update subscription is active. And if you have more significant SEO goals, we offer SEO consulting services through Web Aware Media (the company which publishes Effective SEO for Professional Photographers).